Traveling with Weed? Think Twice.

You’ve flown into Denver International Airport (DIA) and had a fantastic vacation in our beautiful state! You’ve shopped at Pando Dispensary and have enjoyed the best flower ever.  It’s time to fly back home and you still have some flower and yummy gummies. Hmmm…should you pack your cannabis in your checked bags or what the heck, just carry them on?  It’s legal in Colorado, right?

Yikes!  Not so fast.  Did you know…

  • DIA banned marijuana possession, consumption and use on the entire, 53-square-mile airport property in January 2014, at the time Colorado implemented legal recreational marijuana sales.
  • Signs were installed to inform people of the airport’s regulations and also to remind them that marijuana remains federally illegal and, as such, can’t be taken on planes.
  • In addition to being banned at DIA, the state you’re traveling to may not have legalized recreational marijuana.Enforcement and consequences can vary drastically based on the state.

Are you wondering what happens if you decide to risk it, and get caught with marijuana at DIA?

  • If you’re caught with cannabis at the airport, they won’t jail you or fine you, but they will contact Denver Police officers.
  • Denver Police officers then determine if the amount found was for your personal use or large enough to be considered illegal trafficking.
  • If the amount was clearly for personal use, you’ll be informed of the airport’s policy and given the option to throw your weed out or leave the airport. And by then, you’ve most likely missed your flight!

It’s just not worth it.  We believe it’s a privilege to live and work in a state that has legalized recreational marijuana and we strive to always operate within the rules.  The federal government is very concerned about cannabis being transported out of legal states to illegal states.  Let’s not give them any reasons to clamp down harder.  Keep Colorado cannabis in Colorado!