Season’s ‘Green’-ings From Pando Dispensary!

The Holiday season is upon us; it’s the time for sharing the important things in life with our loved ones and celebrating another great year in our beautiful Colorado home.

Here at Pando Dispensary, we’re thrilled to throw some more cheer your way! We’ve got lots of exciting specials, giveaways, and delicious new strains featured this month. Keep reading for the latest scoop on the many perks we’ve got in store for our newcomers and loyal customers alike!

Featured Strains

Lemon Larry OG

Our indica-leaning hybrid of the month is the exceptional Lemon Larry OG. Known for is piney flavor, this cross between the seminal OG Kush and the ever-solid San Fernando Valley OG strains. You really can’t go wrong with its calming effect while also having the stamina to have a productive day.

lucky larry og

Amnesia Haze

This uplifting strain is ideal for early-risers who want to carry their waking positivity well into the afternoon. The aromatic array of lemon and other citrus terpenes is a great pair for that bowl of fruit or that fresh-squeezed glass of OJ you have with your breakfast. If anything, this strain will not make you forget its awesomeness!

amnesia haze

12 Days of Christmas Specials

We’ve got lots of swag that we’re looking forward to giving away during our “12 Days of Christmas” specials. Treat yourself to our amazing products and walk out the door with cool Pando merch such as Pando water bottles, ornaments, sunglasses,“Pando Pandas!”, Beanies and much more – as well as increased sales on carts, wax/resin/shatter, & flower leading up to Christmas.

Here is a full list of our December offers:

  • Day 1 (12/13): Spend $50 get Pando water bottle
  • Day 2 (12/14): Spend $50 get Pando Ornament
  • Day 3 (12/15): Spend $75 get pair of sunglasses
  • Day 4 (12/16): Spend $75 get a sting Pando Bag
  • Day 5 (12/17): Spend $75 get Pando mug
  • Day 6 (12/18): Spend $100 get a Pando Panda
  • Day 7 (12/19): Spend $100 get Pando Beanie
  • Day 8 (12/20): Spend $100 get Pando T-Shirt
  • Day 9 (12/21): 30% off all Cartridges
  • Day 10 (12/22): 30% off all edibles
  • Day 11 (12/23): $15g of Wax & Shatter, $25g of Live Resin
  • Day 12 (12/24): $90 oz Rec, $65 oz Med (We close at 3pm!)

New Year / 1 Year Anniversary Special

In addition to our “12 days of Christmas” specials, we also have a New Year’s & 1 Year Anniversary special going on. If you’re looking for reduced pre rolls, wax & cartridges, Pando is the spot!


  • $5 pre rolls
  • $18g of wax (select strains)


  • $4 pre rolls
  • 500mg Craft cartridges for $12.50

Keep following the Pando Blog for more information on new and exciting strains, updated product lists, specials and giveaways that make us Denver’s #1 source for cannabis-related needs.

Happy Holidays from all of us, to all of you!

Team Spotlight

One of our Team spotlights this Holiday Season is Pando’s own Andrew Solis. He is dedicated to providing all of our customers with the best service in town; he really values the family environment at Pando, and says that it’s such a good blend of personalities that it never really feels like work!

Drew’s favorite Indica strain is OG Kush and his favorite Sativa strain is Pineapple. His first concert was Brother Lynch Hung and if he were to interview one person (dead or alive), it would be Bob Marley.

Drew’s Desert Island Necessities:

  • MP3’s
  • Blunt Wraps
  • Pillows (he can’t live without pillows!)