stardawg sativa hybrid strain

Well, it’s 2019, and here at Pando Dispensary Denver we couldn’t be more excited for what’s in store this year! We hope that your holidays were (mostly) stress-free, that you got everything you wanted this year, and that your New Year’s Celebration was one for the ages.

It’s now time to get excited for all that’s to come, and what better way to start 2019 off with the biggest ‘Bang’ (or ‘Bong, whatever you preference) than to make sure you have a fruitful, busy, and fun January. Everyone knows that the way you start off the year is usually the way you finish it, and the theme carries throughout all the months between. So – Why not do it right?

It’s also our Anniversary Month! Pando Dispo Denver has got exciting new deals, products, strains, and events (!) coming up that will surely satisfy both newcomers and repeat customers alike. Keep reading for the latest scoop on what’s happening at Denver’s Favorite Dispensary:

stardawg sativa hybrid strain

Featured Strain: Stardawg

It’s fitting that our featured strain for the month of January is the ever-stellar, heavy-hitter: Stardawg. This sativa-leaning hybrid is your ticket to an uplifting, anxiety removing high that is perfect for the beginning-of-the-year blues, or just to relax and laugh about all the negative stuff you left behind in 2018. Bred from Chemdawg 4 and Tres Dawg, its scattered crystals shine like stars in the constellation of your bowl, bong, or pipe. Pack some joints or blunts of Stardawg with you when you go to the next party with your friends, and you’ll surely be the “Hit” of the occasion. Its earthy, piney and diesel-esque fragrances will tantalize your senses, stimulate conversation, and provide a great base for enjoying yourself in this fresh, New Year.

willies reserve vape cartridges

Featured Product: Willie’s Reserve Vape Cartridge

We’re “On the Road Again” to another great year here at Pando Dispo Denver, and what better way to start it off than with Willie Nelson’s special goodness? The country legend and outspoken supporter of marijuana legalization has been one of the first to get into the legal cannabis game. From flower to concentrates, salves and chocolates, Willie’s Reserve has many products that cater to all consumers and connoisseurs.

For the month of January 2019 we are featuring Willie’s Reserve Vape Cartridges. Compared to others currently on the market, this product is solvent-less, and free of cutting agents or other flavors. With Willie’s, you’re getting all that pure cannabis-derived terpene love with every puff. Offering fan-favorite strains such as Pineapple Express, Sunset Sherbert, and ATG,with Willie’s you’ll be getting an exotic experience for your senses, while at the same time providing yourself with top-notch self care.

Pando on The Town

pando dispensary denverAt Pando, we of course love keeping our customers informed about our latest products, and all the exciting monthly/daily deals that we’re known for – however, we also love keeping you informed on fun cultural events around town. We’re proud of our Denver home: a place that never, ever seems to run out of great activities and events!

  • First, we are delighted to announce that we are the main sponsor of the FIRST ever event of the brand new  “RESPECT” – Women’s Wrestling league. Join Pando on January 18th at the famous Herman’s Hideaway (South Broadway) as we witness spectacular bouts between such wrestlers as Leva Bates, Bentley Powell, Holidead and more! Enjoy the kick-ass music of female-fronted bands End Of Eves, Calamity Champs, and Phee while you’re watching the action. Rock on!
  • Next, another exciting event coming up this month is the Indo Expo (Denver) on January 26th & 27th at the Denver Mart. This event is perfect for the beginning smoker, and also for the connoisseur, as it will be stocked with many industry-leading products, vendors, demonstrations, glass & dab-ware, workshops, hemp-awareness centers, and many many more cannabis-related attractions. Be sure to buy tickets in advance, as these things tend to sell out. There are lots and lots of exciting developments to learn about if your interests lie in the universal benefits of this miracle herb.
  • For our herbally-inclined music lovers, we’ve got an exclusive “Pando Pick” of the month, for those craving some additional stimulation. We’re huge Hip-Hop fans here at Pando, and this month our pick is none other than the golden era 90’s legends Nappy Roots, who will be performing at Ophelia’s Electric Soapbox on January 18th. This American alternative southern rap quartet started in Bowling Green, Kentucky, and went on to have several hit singles. They were the best selling hip-hop group of 2002. Check ‘em out!
  • Lastly, winter festival season is here! Adventure to Golden on January 25-27th for the UllGrass Festival. This family friendly event features local bluegrass music, beer tastings, Viking Parades and delicious local food. Come bask in the grand views of the Rocky Mountain foothills while you dance away your cares, at the same time enjoying the best of what Colorado has to offer. Happy Winter!

Here at Pando Dispo Denver we cannot be more excited to share this promise-filled new year with all of you. Keep following our blog for more updates on everything going on within the Pando world, and throughout Denver/Colorado.

From our family to yours, we wish you a wonderful New Year!

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