A Pando Dispensary Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is here and the Pando Dispensary family couldn’t be more thankful for our amazing budtenders, cannabis growers, and loyal consumers. If you haven’t already, be sure to check out our “Team Member Spotlight” on the homepage of our website to learn more about the amazing people that put the heart and soul into our business. Don’t forget, you can order ahead to save time and ensure you don’t miss out on your favorite products!

November Special Offers

During Thanksgiving week, on the Medical side, we’re offering 500mg Craft Cartridges in sale for $12.50. We also have a Recreational Deal for 20% off Mezz Cartridges (battery included). We will be closed Thanksgiving day, but are running a Black Friday special on 11/23 that features $90 ounces all day (Rec), $65 ounces for our medical for members, and $75 medical ounces for non-members.

The final week of November we’re offering a Medical Deal of $40 for ounces of Shake and a Recreational Deal for $5 1g Pre-Roll joints. These are some really amazing deals you don’t want to miss!

November Featured Strain

This months featured strain is Lucky Charms, which is one of our favorite strains to grow in-house and is currently testing at 19.09% THC. Lucky Charms is a long-lasting, well-balanced hybrid with a crowd-pleasing taste. Created by Bodhi Seeds — the same prolific growers who have created strains like Tiger’s Milk and Sunshine Daydream — this bud is a cross between resinous, The White and Pungent Appalachia, and has all the best psychoactive qualities of both. Like its namesake cereal, the strain offers bold and fruity flavors making Lucky Charms a great, energetic way to start the day. The THC for this strain measures between 15% and 22%.

It is also said that Lucky Charms boasts an enticing coat of sugary resin inherited from its trichome-heavy parent, The White. When grown indoors, Lucky Charms flowers after 9 weeks.

Have you tried the Lucky Charms strain? What deals are you most excited about? What are some of your favorite strains at Pando?

lucky charms strain

Save The Pando Campaigns

On top of having great deals, fresh rotational strains, and an amazing staff, we’re launching our “Save The Pando Campaign” that we’d love everyone in the cannabis community to join! Pando Aspen Grove is 106 acres on the southwest bank of Fish Lake in Sevier County, Utah. A single root system unites this forest and it is the “single most massive living organism known on earth.” It is under dire threat and faces extinction.

Our first campaign is dedicated to gathering signatures so the Utah Legislature should declare Pando Aspen Grove a Utah treasure and act immediately to preserve and protect it for future generations through appropriate local funding and work with the federal government to ensure that this resource is appropriately managed. (click the linked text to sign) There are currently 32 signatures on the petition and the goal is 50! Please help us obtain 18 more signatures =)

Our second campaign will begin once we reach out signature goal. We will start raising money to save the Pando through a series of marketing campaigns. Be sure to stay tuned for more information and reach out if you’d like to get involved with Saving The Pando!

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